Chapter 1248 Those Are My Children

Seeing Tiantian cry so sadly, Jin Fengchen’s heart ached, as though it had been pierced.

“Tiantian…” He reached out, wanting to touch her, before something flashed across his mind.

He put his hand on his head and groaned, “It hurts…”

Shangguan Yuan rushed over to hold him when she saw this, “Fengchen, what’s wrong?”

“My head hurts a lot.” Jin Fengchen was in so much pain he was bent over.

His agonized appearance had shocked Tiantian and Xiaobao to silence, and they stared dumbly at the scene before them.

“Hurry up and send him to the hospital.” Jin Fengyao wanted to help him up.

Unexpectedly, he was shoved aside forcefully by Shangguan Yuan, “Leave now, if it weren’t for you he would not be in this much pain!”

She glared at him viciously.

Fengchen had already forgotten the past, but they still wanted to force him to remember, completely disregarding his physical health.

Helpless, Jin Fengyao could only leave with the two children.

“I want daddy, I want daddy…” Tiant
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Stephanie Son
I already frustrated with this novel like can't you just end it?
goodnovel comment avatar
This is just a drag what’s wrong with writer why can’t u finish

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