Chapter 1296 I’ll Be Waiting For You

The fact was Jin Fengchen’s heart had long been leaning towards Jiang Sese, but it was indeed Shangguan Yuan who saved him at that time.

This kindness did not allow him to hurt her.

Jiang Sese saw through this. She chuckled lightly with a hint of bitterness, “You don't want to be ungrateful toward Shangguan Yuan, but have you ever thought that you are hurting me and the children?”

Jin Fengchen clenched his fists, “But… I don't remember you anymore.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Sese’s expression instantly turned cold, “Can everything be erased by just not remembering? Jin Fengchen, you are too cruel!“

The words ‘You are too cruel’ hurt Jin Fengchen deeply.

His mouth twitched slightly as if he wanted to say something, but said nothing.

Jiang Sese took a deep breath, “Jin Fengchen, we have gone through so much together, how could you just forget?”

Tears flowed down as Jiang Sese bit her lips, not letting herself cry.

She was crying, and his heart ached as though a knife was slicing
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