Chapter 1311 Daddy, I Really Miss You

This time, Shangguan Yuan did not chase after him, nor did she try to stop him.

She stood where she was, her beautifully made up face as black as ink.

It was clear to see that Jin Fengchen had already been influenced by Jiang Sese to the point that he had changed.

She considered the idea that he might regain his memory and return to Jiang Sese.

She immediately began to panic.


She could never allow that to happen.

Shangguan Yuan made a call, which was quickly connected.

“I need a large dosage of the drug.” She said bluntly.

“Are… are you sure?” The person on the other end of the line was hesitant .

The memory loss drug was not commercially available, and furthermore it was a controlled substance.

It would affect the body if one took it. If one was slightly inattentive, it might cause brain damage.

Therefore, the other party wanted confirmation when Shangguan Yuan said she wanted a large dose of the drug.

“I’m sure. Find a way to give it to me in the nex
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