Chapter 1334 Is He Avoiding Me?

Ever since Jiang Sese went back to Jin City with the kids, the old Fang residence had become a lot quieter.

From time to time Shang Ying would exclaim, “It was better when Sese was around.”

There was nobody for her to chat with now, so she frequently made trips to the hospital to be with Fang Xueman.

On this day, she was about to leave when Ye Xiaoyi arrived.

“Aunty, I’m sorry. I would not have come over if I knew you were heading out,” Ye Xiaoyi hurriedly said when she saw Shang Ying all dressed up to go out.

Shang Ying chuckled. “It’s fine. I have someone to chat with now that you’re here, so I don’t need to go out anymore.”

Ye Xiaoyi smiled and presented the gift she had brought with her. “Aunty, I went overseas a few days ago and saw this scarf that suits you very well, so I bought it for you.”

“Is that so?” Shang Ying took the gift and opened it. Her eyes instantly lit up. “It’s very beautiful.”

“The material is very comfortable too,” Ye Xiaoyi said.

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