Chapter 1410 I Alone Am Enough To Deal With You

After a while, a car pulled up and stopped in front of him.

The car window slowly lowered, revealing Jiang Sese's smiling face.

“Mommy!" Xiaobao exclaimed with joy.

“I’ll drop you off at school today,” said Jiang Sese.


When Xiaobao heard that she was going to send him to school, he immediately opened the door and got into the car happily without the slightest doubt.

Along the way, Jiang Sese asked him about school with concern.

“Everything’s great.”

Xiaobao’s answer was ambiguous. Jiang Sese did not pursue it further, but rather just casually said, “If you encounter any trouble at school, you must tell Daddy and Mommy, understand?”

“Okay,” answered Xiaobao quickly.

Jiang Sese just smiled and said nothing else.

She just stared at the road ahead, and her expression carried a hint of worry.

When he arrived at school, Jiang Sese sat in the car and watched as Xiaobao walked into the school building. Only when Xiaobao was out of sight did she start the car and drive away.

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