Chapter 1467 Su Qingyin?!

When walking past a jewelry store, Jiang Sese saw a pair of men's cufflinks in the window. They caught Jiang Sese’s eyes.

She stopped and looked at the pair of cufflinks through the glass window.

The cufflinks had a very tacky name.

‘Fortune Turns When The Time Is Right.’

However, the design was very attractive.

It was round, surrounded by a circle of tiny diamonds, with a blue diamond inlaid in the center, which sparkled dazzlingly under the light.

She could not take her eyes off of it.

She wanted to buy it!

Jiang Sese led Jin Fengchen into the store, and an enthusiastic shop attendant immediately greeted them.

“Welcome, Sir and Madam. May I be of service?”

“I want that pair of cufflinks.” Jiang Sese pointed to the blue diamond cufflinks displayed in the window.

"Madam, you have a good eye. These cufflinks are a limited edition.” The attendant walked over and retrieved the cufflinks.

"The inlaid blue diamond is very beautiful, and even the surrounding diamonds are very hig
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