Chapter 1545 Really An Eyesore

In order to celebrate Jin Fengchen's discharge from hospital and his recovery of his memories, Madam Jin prepared an extravagant dinner.

Jiang Sese went to the dining room and could not help but laugh, "Mom, how could we eat so much?”

"Then eat slowly." Madam Jin said as she served the soup.

Jin Fengchen put the soup in front of Jiang Sese and whispered, "Eat more."

When Madam Jin saw this, "You really should treat Sese better. During this entire time from your disappearance to your return and subsequent amnesia, she has suffered a lot. You have to treat her well in the future.”

"Mom, I will." Jin Fengchen said seriously.

"Oh, I haven't eaten yet and I’m almost full." Jin Fengyao patted his belly and teased, “I’m full from dog food.”

This made everyone laugh.

The atmosphere of the dining room was warm and harmonious.

Jin Fengchen rested at home for two days, and then returned to work in the company.

In the afternoon, he was handling work in his office.

Jin Fengyao knoc
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