Chapter 1599 Antidote

Li Xi was very busy because of the problems with product quality. Not only was she busy dealing with after-sales service, but she was also busy appeasing consumers.

She had hardly been able to rest over the past two days, let alone pay any attention to what was going on with Jin Fengchen. Therefore, she was unaware that her background had been exposed.

At the moment, the only thing she wanted was to solve the matter as soon as possible and get everything back on track. She would then have her revenge on Jin Fengchen.

However, she was afraid that Jin Fengchen would suddenly make another move and catch her off-guard again.

This time, she had suffered a heavy blow. Jin Fengchen had always been deliberate in his actions. His next plan would definitely not be weaker than the previous one, and it may corner her into a dead end.

Strangely, however, after waiting for two days, Jin Fengchen made no moves.

At this point, she was about halfway done with her appeasement work. She began to
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