Chapter 363 Will You Marry Me

Smiling, he walked over to the bed, untied his bathrobe with one hand, and lay down next to Jiang Sese.

She couldn't help opening her eyes when she felt the mattress sink from his weight. The first thing she saw was Jin Fengchen's perfect pecs. When she moved her eyes down his body, she saw...

She flushed with shyness and wanted to turn away, but he didn't give her that chance. He then pressed his lips onto hers in his domineering manner.

His lips felt cool, which was in stark contrast to how hot his body was.

Before long, Jiang Sese surrendered to his gentle touches. Her eyes became unfocused and her body temperature seemed to be rising, making her skin almost too hot to the touch.

Seeing all the marks he had left on Jiang Sese's body, Jin Fengchen was very pleased.


"Mommy! Mommy! Open the door!"

Early the next morning, they were woken up by Xiaobao. Hearing the boy's voice, Jiang Sese nudged the man next to her.

Jin Fengchen wasn't pleased to be woken up like this, but h
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How many times does he need to ask her? She already accepted
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proposal number what? I don't understand again.
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omg ? cliff hanger she better say yes ?

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