Chapter 603 Daddy, It Doesn’t Hurt

People were like that. When they saw someone else feeling down, they would subconsciously feel depressed too. Jin Fengyao held her slender fingers and clasped them tightly. He opened his lips lightly, and responded clearly, “I will never forget you.”

Under the moonlight, their shadows were intertwined. The firm vow swayed in the wind, and the woman's face gradually warmed with a smile--sweet like a honeypot.

“Let's go back,” said Jin Fengyao as he held Song Qingwan's hand. They walked toward the hotel.

The sound of insects echoed around the branches and leaves at night, and the shadows of the trees fell sparsely on the ground. The cuddling figures blended together, as time passed by peacefully.

Back at the hospital, the nurse came by to check on Xiaobao's situation and replaced his IV bags. The back of the hand where the blood vessel was pierced was a little bruised.

Xiaobao was already sleeping restlessly and opened his eyes midway.

His eyes swept around the room and saw that th
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