Chapter 632 Protect Little Sister

Zi Feng's expression gradually turned gloomy.

Jiang Sese could feel that someone was glaring at her.

Following the gaze, she located the source of the hostility in the eyes of Zi Feng, who was standing at a distance.

Before she could ponder on what that was all about, Xiaobao's voice pulled her thoughts back. “Mommy, don't always scold Little Sister.”

With Xiaobao's support, the little girl immediately expressed her grievance by nodding her head.

“I wasn’t scolding.” Jiang Sese rolled her eyes at the little girl.

Now that she had found a backer, she knew how to air her grievances.

The two children remained silent, but with an expression saying ‘Yes, you were’ written on their faces.

Jiang Sese was really beginning to think that she was too fierce now. She subconsciously looked at Jin Fengchen. “Was I?”

Jin Fengchen, who was suddenly roped into the situation, was stunned for a while. After regaining his senses, he said indulgently, “Well, a little.”

The two children instantly
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