Chapter 646 Get Out!

For the longest time, he had nothing on his phone except for Jiang Sese.

“I’ve gone through so much to find you again, but you say you don’t know me and now you’re getting married to someone else. Sese, you’re too cruel to me.”

He had seen these photos too many times. Jiang Sese’s vivid face was imprinted onto his mind.

However what he wanted was not all this, he just wanted the person.

Jin Fengchen emptied the glass in one go and threw the wine bottle out.

He then lay on his back, his almost divinely handsome face full of pain.

Laying on his back like that, he unwittingly fell asleep.

Through the haze, he thought he saw Jiang Sese appear before him.

Jin Fengchen’s heart leapt for joy. He knew that after he drank, Jiang Sese would appear. He had figured out the rules.

Because Jiang Sese did not like him drinking, he would risk her anger to see her. It was no big deal to apologize to her later.

Zi Feng walked in and accidentally kicked something. She took a look; it
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