Chapter 685 Divorce Jin Fengchen Immediately

The teacup shattered, and the broken shards flew onto Jiang Sese's lap, cutting open a wound.

Jiang Sese did not care about the wound on her leg, but she just wanted to explain things clearly to Madam Fu.

Jiang Sese was indebted to the Fu family. She had already disappointed the Fu family enough, and she could not make any further blunders.

“Jin Fengchen and I were already married. There is a marriage certificate. I couldn’t remember this incident due to my amnesia. So, I cannot marry Jingyun.”

Madam Fu stood up in shock. She opened her mouth and managed a few words with difficulty. “Say that again?”

Jiang Sese sighed and repeated what she had just said once more.

Having confirmed it, Madam Fu slammed the table angrily.

“Divorce! You must divorce Jin Fengchen immediately!”


Jiang Sese did not expect Madam Fu to react so furiously. She stared at Madam Fu at a loss.

Seeing the hesitation in her eyes, Madam Fu was unprecedentedly decisive. She said in a calm voice, “I d
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Analisa Defensor Aspa
thank you for this wonderful story...but i hate it when they are subjected to such a lonely and miserable situation.
goodnovel comment avatar
Analisa Defensor Aspa
my dear author, why do you have to let the characters of sese and fengchen suffer for so long? can you shorten their miseries? it's good if you will reconcile these two people...please! it's breaking my heart whenever i read their miserable situation...that' how engrossed i am in reading your book.

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