Chapter 71 Fallen into a Trap

Suddenly, a woman walked over. It was Su Qingyin.

"Fengchen, I've been looking for you everywhere." Su Qingyin's eyes found Jin Fengchen first. When she noticed Jiang Sese, she seemed astonished. "Miss Jiang, you're here too. The two of you are..."

"Oh, I happened to run into Mr. Jin and chatted a little with him. I'm about to leave," Jiang Sese explained. What she said was, in fact, the truth.

Su Qingyin's expression betrayed nothing, but she had the feeling that things weren't that simple.

"Did Jin Fengchen reject me because of Jiang Sese?

"Did he fall for this woman?"

She shook her head, willing the terrifying thought away. She had to be overthinking things.

Su Qingyin said with a smile, "I see! By the way, Fengchen, Grandpa is asking for you. He wants to introduce you to some people."

Jin Fengchen frowned. His plan was to find Jiang Sese and then send her home, but now...

He was about to turn her down when he heard Jiang Sese say, "Please continue, Miss Su. I'm going to lo
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Olabisi Margaret A
totally agree with you she is not only silly but dumb as well
goodnovel comment avatar
Olabisi Margaret A
why are your heroine gullible why would you follow a stranger even if you split something on them just pay for it
goodnovel comment avatar
Michelle King
How could one woman be so silly

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