Chapter 729 I Just Want To Treat You Well

After massaging his temples, he recalled a few dishes that he had learned from the nanny a few days ago and decided to cook something as compensation.

Fu Jingyun got up and walked directly to the kitchen. Thinking that he should make some congee for breakfast, he washed the rice and put it into the pot to boil slowly.

Then, he made a few side dishes.

After everything was done, it was already eight o'clock in the morning. Fu Jingyun then put the food in a vacuum-sealed container and left the house.

When he came to Jiang Sese's ward, he saw her looking down and swiping on her phone. Her hair was smoothly scattered across her shoulders. He guessed that she just woke up.

Without saying a word, he tiptoed in.

The porridge was carefully poured into a bowl, but the sound of the ceramic clinking startled Jiang Sese, who was focused on her phone.

She lifted her eyes to see a figure in the ward. She shivered, and after taking a closer look, she said softly, “Jingyun, when did you get here
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Jessica Gainey
Can’t believe chapter 729 and STILL THE SAME OLD CRAP!!! I just started reading this book 2 weeks ago and I have caught up already!! Still going on lol this is ridiculous!! End this story with sese getting her memory back NOW!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
Sese MUST remember Fengchen and their life together!!

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