Chapter 980 Are You Interested In Her

“Fu Jingyun, let me go!”

Catalina forcefully tried to push Fu Jingyun’s hand away, but she could not overcome the strength difference between man and woman. She could only let her breathing become more and more constricted.

Just as she thought she was about to die, Fu Jingyun finally let her go.

“Cough, cough!” Catalina kept on coughing, until she recovered. She then looked up and glared at Fu Jingyun. “Have you gone mad?”

“I want to see Bo Gelian.”

Fu Jingyun’s sudden request stunned Catalina. “You want to see Bo Gelian?”

“In the beginning when I agreed to join the research facility, I thought he trusted me. However it looks like he doesn’t trust me, and he trusts my abilities even less.”

He could not continue like this anymore. He needed to find a way to get into the core research as soon as possible, if not the time left for Jiang Sese would get shorter and shorter.

His heart would fill with annoyance and regret when he remembered that Jiang Sese’s condition was not
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