Chapter 327

When Ji Yinfeng brought Gu Ruoruo home, his parents had yet to go to bed. When they saw the disheveled woman beside their son, they got a big shock.

Qin Silian covered her nose and complained with a look of disgust on her face, "Yingfeng, why did you bring such a person home? Our family is not a charity."

Obviously, she did not recognize who the person was.

"Auntie, I am Ruoruo."

When Gu Ruoruo saw that Qin Silian did not recognize her, she quickly spoke for herself.


Qin Silian and Ji Yunze exchanged looks before looking at their son to seek confirmation.

"Yes, she is Ruoruo."

Ji Yinfeng nodded.

"Oh my god!" Qin Silian cried out in disbelief.

How could such a beautiful person have become worse than a beggar?

"What on earth happened?" Ji Yunze questioned sternly.

"Uncle, it's all Tang Ruochu's fault. You have to stand up for me."

As soon as the name "Tang Ruochu" was mentioned, Gu Ruoruo gritted her teeth with hatred. Her already battered face twisted even more fe
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Love the story but it’s really short and cost too much. Please update more chapters
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Ann Hart
were is the ending?
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Arlene Casas
Hey Author could you please make it longer the stroy every chapter?every chapter is very expensive make it worth the purchase,otherwise you just take it only money from the subscriber..

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