Chapter 293 Back To Feng Country

Mu Jin’nian's eyes were first drawn to the photo of the woman on the first page of the document.

The woman in the photo was Su Jianxi, the wife of Li Tingxiao who was the eldest son of the Li Group.

Five years ago, she died.

However, when Mu Jin'nian saved Mu An'hao, it was five years ago.

They looked exactly the same, and the timing was just right. Undoubtedly, Mu An'hao was Li Tingxiao's woman, the eldest son of the Li Group.

This was not much different from what Mu Jin'nian expected. After all, when he saved Mu An'hao, he had sent someone to investigate her.

However, Mu Jin'nian had been busy dealing with his family members over the past few years, so he did not spend too much time on Mu An'hao’s things.

Now, they were going to Feng Country and Li Tingxiao was one of the most ambitious figures in that country.

Mu Jin'nian closed the document and placed one hand on the wheelchair, tapping it rhythmically.

It seemed that he had to do something. He couldn't let Li Tingxiao rec
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