Chapter 96

The reason Cristal asked Joan was to see what kind of reaction Angela would have. She also wanted to warm Joan that she wasn’t a fool who didn’t know anything.

As soon as Cristal finished speaking, everyone looked at Joan.

Angela’s heart twitched and her hands silently clenched together.

Joan’s eyes panicked and he became impatient. “I told you last night that I went to the kitchen to look for food, right? Where else can I go in the middle of the night?”

“Didn’t you eat a lot last night? Even I didn’t get hungry, but you were hungry?”

At this time Florence’s eyes fell on her son. “Joan, what happened to your mouth? Did you get hurt? Why are you bleeding?”

Joan’s face twitched unnaturally, “I didn’t turn on the night when I went to kitchen last night. I accidently bumped into the door.”

“Why didn’t you turn on the light when you went to look for food? You are not allowed to do it in future. What if you were heavily injured?” Florence’s heart ached for her only son.

“I know, Mom.” Joan
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