Chapter 110

"Why do I always feel like I'm dreaming?"

Even though he was truly sitting beside her right now, she still felt as if she was in a dream. She looked at his well-practiced side-profile, stepping on the accelerator, every movement looked so cool. She had once thought that if one day he really stood up. . . He would definitely charm a large number of women. But she didn't expect that when she truly saw him, she would realize that this was even better than what she had imagined!

Christopher smiled and pinched her hand. "Do you feel it now?"

"Yes, I feel it. . ." She smiled and nodded. Her eyes fell from his face to his legs. She was excited but also confused. "When did your legs recover?"

"I will tell you tonight. . ." Christopher gave her a mysterious smile.

"Then did you go home? Did grandpa and Dad see you?"

"Not yet! I wanted to give them a surprise. That's why I didn't ask you to tell them that I would to come back."

"That's great!" Angela smiled happily.

"How have you been during th
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