Chapter 1113 See Daddy and Mommy

Fang Yuchen made a trip to Jin City himself.

When he arrived at Jin Group, Jin Fengyao was still in a meeting, so the assistant brought him to the reception room and waited.

“Mister Fang. Chairman requested that you wait a while. The meeting will be ending soon.”

Fang Yuchen smiled at the assistant politely and said, “Sure. No worries.”

About ten minutes later, Jin Fengyao finally appeared as he pushed the door open and came in hurriedly.

“Yuchen, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Fang Yuchen stood up and smiled as he shook his head. “No worries.”

Jin Fengyao stretched his arm and signaled him to have a seat.

“I already know about my brother and sister-in-law’s issue. Sorry to trouble you.”

“I’m not troubled. Sese’s the troubled one,” Fang Yuchen said and sighed. “Sese isn’t in a good condition.”

“Because of the pathogen?” Jin Fengyao asked.

Fang Yuchen nodded and explained, “Yes. Mo Xie said the pathogen showed signs of reactivation. However, they’ve kept her condition under co
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