Chapter 1234 The Person I Like Is Her!

Mr. Ye was stumped, perhaps because he did not imagine that Fang Yuchen would be that direct.

“Yuchen, is this the way you treat your elders?” Fang Teng rebuked him.

“Dad,” Fang Yuchen turned and looked at him in exasperation, “I really don’t like Xiaoyi, can you please not try to get us together?”

“Since you think Xiaoyi is good, why don’t you try and see, perhaps you might like her.” Fang Teng insisted on pairing them together.

“Impossible.” Fang Yuchen’s tone was very calm.

“Old Fang, it would seem that we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves.” Mr. Ye’s tone of voice was not as friendly as it used to be. He glared at Fang Yuchen, the displeasure clear on his face.

Their dear, beloved daughter was desirable to so many eligible bachelors, but that brat Fang Yuchen had rejected her!

That was too insensitive!

“Old Ye, don’t say that. The kid’s not got his head screwed on straight.” Fang Teng hurriedly said to smooth things over.

He had such a humble attitude not because the Fa
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