Chapter 1575 Common Enemy

When Crimmings left, Ying Tian immediately contacted Jin Fengchen and told him what happened.

"It seems that he is not really in a hurry." Jin Fengchen’s eyes narrowed slightly, giving a hint of danger.

In that case, he will make him hurry up.

Therefore, Jin Fengchen told Gu Nian to secretly split Crimmings's domestic market share.

This undoubtedly would make Crimmings’ life harder.

Crimmings was running all over the place, and he was as busy as a bee. He had no time to care for Su Qingyin at all.

She was disappointed to see his company like this, to tell the truth.

She thought that she had found a backer, so she could avenge herself and double the injustice she had suffered.

The result of that?

The company was greatly diminished, and he was so busy he forgot her. How was she going to deal with that b*tch Jiang Sese?

The more Su Qingyin thought about it, the more disappointed she was with Crimmings. At the same time she was very upset.

In particular, she thought about ho
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goodnovel comment avatar
story good but too long & too many scheme. it seems author is encouraging to learn to solve problems & schemers too.

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