Chapter 459 The Arrogant Homewrecker

Jin Fengchen arrived at the security office, where Sheng Zhixia was detained. Without his order, the security guards didn't dare to let her leave.

She was a lot calmer when she saw him and didn't look as frantic as before.

Jin Fengchen studied her with his cold eyes and said indifferently, "My offer hasn't changed. I'll give you a lot of money. In exchange, you'll leave us alone and never show up in front of any of my family members, especially Xiaobao."

Sheng Zhixia shook her head. "No, I don't want any money."

Crossing his long legs, Jin Fengchen stared at her with a stern look on his face. "Are you sure? If you won't take the money, you may end up getting nothing."

Sheng Zhixia smiled sadly. "Mr. Jin, you can stop trying to intimidate me. Xiaobao is my son, and even if this goes to court, no one is going to take away my visitation rights."

Jin Fengchen was so mad that he laughed. "Are you saying that you want to sue me?"

"That's only my last resort. After all, I need to think
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