Chapter 647 Had To Have

Zi Feng had just gotten out of the office when the expression on her face immediately turned extremely malevolent.

Why is that Jiang Sese not dead yet!

Zi Feng took big breaths of air, fuelling her thoughts with evil.

Jiang Sese had disappeared for 3 years now, she should not have returned.

Someone who was dead before should just disappear again.

In the dim corridor, Zi Feng’s face was like one of a demon from hell. It looked terrifying.

Hate and jealousy changed Zi Feng’s expression completely. Her fingernails dug deep into flesh.

Malicious was not enough to describe the expression on her face.

She looked at the figure in Jin Fengchen’s office, and dark intentions filled her heart.

Jiang Sese should die. She needed to be taken care of, no matter what.

She had to have this man. She had to…

However Jin Fengchen was unaware of Zi Feng’s thoughts. He just rubbed his aching forehead.

‘Sese, just when can you come back to me…’

He looked up subconsciously at the boo
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