Chapter 722 We Can Use This Person

That night, Fu Jingyun brought a tiffin as he planned to visit Jiang Sese.

The tiffin was filled with pork ribs and lotus root soup that he had learnt to make from the nanny for the entire day. This was his most successful attempt.

When he reached the room, he completely did not notice the female nurse who was observing in the dark.

Pushing the door open and going in, he saw that the ward was empty. Jiang Sese was nowhere to be seen.

He waited for a long while, but did not see Jiang Sese return.

He had a bad feeling in his mind, but very quickly he calmed himself down.

Running to the hospital security room, he acquired the CCTV recordings of Jiang Sese’s ward from the security staff.

Fu Jingyun leaned forward, both hands on the desk, his eyes closely scanning the footage.

When he saw a white-clad figure leaving the ward, his heart was filled with suspicion.

Could it be that she had secretly left when he was not around?

His suspicion was very quickly confirmed. He di
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Pushpa Wood
Ok my fellow readers. I am signing off from this book. It has gone beyond joke. The story has no end in sight while we readers keep paying for chapters!!

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