Chapter 305 Cheng Ruo’er’s Rage

Su Kexin had guessed that Cheng Ruo’er would not believe her so easily. She continued her explanation hurriedly, “I’m not lying. Su Yafen is indeed your biological mother. She’s been diagnosed with leukemia, and you’re her only blood relative. Only your bone marrow can match hers.”

Cheng Ruo’er did not understand what Su Kexin was saying. She was so enraged that she almost lost her mind.

“You’re insane.” She gave Su Kexin one last glance and chose to ignore her. She turned away and started walking upstairs.

“Wait, you can’t leave!” Su Kexin rushed forward to stop her. “Not long after you were born, you were abducted. And my mother was the one who saved you, right?”

“How do you know about that?” Cheng Ruo’er looked at Su Kexin suspiciously.

“Cheng Luo was the one who told me. After that, I asked my mother to verify it too. My mother told me that the girl she picked up wasn’t you at all. But when she saw on the television that the Cheng family had lost their daughter, she wanted to
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