Chapter 7: The Lost Painter

Shinzou is painting in his bedroom, fully focusing his attention on the canvas in front of him. He was never been a science whiz himself so unlike his mother; the man doesn’t care about her mother’s job as a scientist. Even if she urges him to embrace his bloodline, the only thing he feels for science is hatred since her fascination toward science makes her stray from him.

She never comes to see him amidst her projects, her fascination turns into an addiction that makes the whole family become a mess soon after. Divorced and taken by the mother, Shinzou regrets the decision since he was left behind in the house to look after himself. Her mother is preoccupied with her job, barely shows her presence to the lonely child.

The luxurious apartment they purchased isn’t exactly heavenly to him now that he knew something was up. As he paints on the blank canvas with his swift and precise movement, his mind wanders to his mother. He wonders if his mother got herself into trouble for her to even tell her son to be wary of his surrounding.

The letter specifies the purpose, the young boy must be protected under his wings and not anyone else. Shinzou is boiling in anger, remembering the letter she sent after disappearing from the house without telling him what she’s involved in. He crumpled the letter then waste it in the trash bin.

It’s still in the trash bin for a few days, he can’t help but feel abandoned by his mother for another unknown person with the name Kazuto. He dislikes Kazuto, his hand tightened his grip on the paintbrush the moment he remembers Kazuto inside his mind. He despises the boy for taking away his mother.

“Delivery here!” a stranger rings the doorbell to his apartment.

Shinzou peeks from the intercom, it’s the pizza delivery he ordered half an hour ago. He opens the door then takes the pizza with him, not forgetting to give the money to the delivery man. He takes the pizza with him, putting the pizza on the dining table. 

Shinzou washes his hand in the sink, he still has money left to pay the rent from his part-time job and his mother’s salary she sent every month to the apartment. Even if the apartment is a condominium, he’s lonely without anyone to accompany him. His father is remarried and he was left alone with the fortune his mother made.

“But what’s all of this fortune for if my mum is not here with me?” he groans as he returns to the empty luxury living room. “I need to find a job soon before this apartment is taken away”.

Still eighteen years old, the man has yet to graduate from high school. He just had to wait for the graduation ceremony whilst looking for a job. 

“I wonder if I should sell the apartment if mum is not coming home soon” he thoughts to himself as he looks at the marble table along with the carpeted floor. “I don’t need the luxury if there’s no one here to talk with, I’m going insane if mum keeps hiding from me like this”.

She opens the pizza cover, immediately picks the first slice of pizza, and sniffs the smell of bacon on top of the pizza. He eats the pizza, deliciously munching the cheeseburger taste. Shinzou munches the pizza then turns on the television, right on the television is a piece of news about an unidentified corpse found in the river with only bones.

He shakes his head annoyed with the bad omen around him, the world has never been a safe place for him. 

“I wonder how’s that boy doing? That clueless boy, I left him for days and I wonder if he’s already getting used to Ikebukuro life” Shinzou rubs his chin. 

He forgot about her mother’s letters and her favors to take care of the clueless boy in the small apartment. Shinzou’s mind remains fresh after he sees the boy who takes away his mother from him, it’s the face of innocence. The strange boy is clueless with his bearing and situation, his mother must have kept the boy in the dark.

His ivory hair is accompanied by the scarlet colors on his clear eyes.  Longing for a mother figure, Shinzou despises the newcomer who just came into Ikebukuro to ruin his life. He tightened his grip on the pizza as he looks at the television from afar, gritting his teeth in jealousy of what the young man receives from his mother.

“Who is he anyway? I don’t care with him” Shinzou snarls. “Why should I take care of that man on my mother’s behalf? That’s insane! I don’t even get the fair portion of my mother’s love!” he yells on top of his lungs. 

Shinzou needs to continue the canvas he works on in his workroom, but he doesn’t feel like doing it anymore after remembering the face of a young man who takes his mother away appears to be a pacifist. He wants to hate on him, but the young man doesn’t give him any reason for him to hate.

Shinzou sits on the couch while eating the slice of pizza, watching the news only depressed him hence he switch the channel to the cooking channel. 

“Hello there, my name is Adam Lockhart! I will now show you how to cook salmon sashimi in the kitchen!” the half foreigner man speaks.

He remembers Adam Lockhart’s name in a heartbeat, it’s the name of a famous actor from Japan, his parents’ divorce just like he did and raises him like a celebrity. Not known much from his brother, but he never shows up on television even if the interviewer asks about his family situation.

“Just leave that man alone” Shinzou shrugs. “People like to find dirt about foreigners, huh? He’s half Japanese you know”.

The man complains as he slouches on his beige couch, letting the comfortable couch takes him to the dreamland. Letting go of the burden and responsibilities on his shoulder about taking care of the stranger in his mother’s letter. Shinzou sleeps on the beige couch, snoring with a pizza on hand.

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