Chapter 1106 Don’t Meet Her Again

Fu Jingyun never told Jiang Sese and the rest that he was kicked out of Bo Gelian’s research team. Ever since he attacked the guard watching him and stunned him, he had already turned his back against Bo Gelian.

In that case, it would be very hard for him to meet Bo Gelian again, let alone ask for Jin Fengchen’s whereabouts from Bo Gelian. However, there was one person who could do it.

“Why did you invite me out so late,” Catalina sat opposite Fu Jingyun and glared at him with discontent.

“To reminisce about the past,” Fu Jingyun said and poured her a glass of drink.

Catalina could not help but snort. “Reminisce?”

She snorted again. It was such a laughable joke. In the first place, she was not good friends with Fu Jingyun. Not only that, they had not known each other very long. What past did they have to reminisce?

“Did Bo Gelian cause you trouble?” Fu Jingyun looked at her and asked.

Catalina frowned. “Are you trying to show you care about me?”

Fu Jingyun declined to comment
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