Chapter 1119 Just An Coincidence

“You can’t say it that way. What if he just lacks your affection?”

Jiang Sese looked at Liang Xinwei thoughtfully.

“How is that possible?” Liang Xinwei forced a smile. She would not dare have such a delusion.

“Don’t think so lowly of yourself. You’re a great person too,” Jiang Sese said.

She was not saying that to comfort her. It was her honest words.

Liang Xinwei was only a young girl of about twenty years old. However, she had to take up the responsibility to raise a child as young as eight. It was already impressive for her to be the sole breadwinner.

Liang Xinwei smiled at her gratefully and said, “Sis Sese, thank you for not looking down on me.”

Jiang Sese smiled and urged, “Weiwei, don’t look down on yourself. You’re not any worse than another person. Do you know that?”

“I know,” Liang Xinwei replied. She did not want to continue to dwell on that conversation, so she changed the topic and said, “Sis Sese, can I go upstairs and check on the children?”

Jiang Sese happily n
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