Chapter 1367 Accomplice To Kidnapping

When Shangguan Yuan heard this, she raised her hand to stop her subordinates.

It hurt!

The man touched his swollen face. It hurt so much that he was grimacing.

“You best tell the truth. If not, I won’t go easy on you next time,” Shangguan Yuan warned him in an intentionally low voice before the man spoke.

“I told you the truth…” The man looked around them before continuing, “I really don’t know Mr. Jin Fengchen. Today is the first day that I’ve met them, and the formalities were gone through by the book.”

“You’re still trying to lie to me?!” Shangguan Yuan yelled angrily.

“I’m not lying to you. Every word I said is true!” He nearly raised his hand to swear.

“Hit him again!”

As soon as she gave the order, the subordinates surrounded him again.

The man hurriedly covered his head.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“Get the door.”

Shangguan Yuan frowned in irritation. She did not know why, but she had a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen.

“Miss, i
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