Chapter 1407 I’m Sorry, Mommy

Upon hearing this, Jiang Sese was relieved. It was as if any problem could be solved as long as he was here.

As she thought about it, he carried the burden of such a large company by himself. He must have encountered incidents like this countless times.

Jiang Sese felt distressed when she thought about it.

Jin Fengchen noticed Jiang Sese's expression and immediately gave Jin Fengyao a wink that indicated for him to leave.

Jin Fengyao quickly withdrew. Jin Fengchen approached Jiang Sese, gave her a hug, and warmly comforted her, “It is all right. Don't worry. Everything will be fine. I agreed to let you come work at the company mainly because I was worried about yourself being bored at home. I didn’t really intend to make you work so hard. I don’t like it when you frown like this.”

Jiang Sese leaned into his arms and whispered softly, “I used to think that you were just tired from working too hard, but…”

She paused. “Since I came to work for the company, I really feel your hardshi
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