Chapter 1503 Women’s Intuition

When Crimmings went home, he mentioned their plans to Su Qingyin.

“This time, we plan to target Jiang Sese,” said Crimmings.

Su Qingyin heard this and laughed. “You should have done this long ago. Jiang Sese is the most important to Jin Fengchen.”

When she said this, her smile disappeared and she gritted her teeth, “Otherwise, he would not have dumped me back then!”

Seeing that Jin Fengchen could still easily affect her emotions, Crimmings frowned and held on to her hands. “I know full well how amazing you are. You’re better than anyone else.”

Su Qingyin smiled again and snuggled into his arms. “You treat me so well.”

“You are my love. Of course, I will treat you well.”

Crimmings lowered his head and kissed her, and continued, "Don't worry, I will return double the pain that Jin Fengchen has caused you to Jiang Sese!"

“Good.” Su Qingyin's mouth curled up triumphantly.

‘Jiang Sese, your days are numbered!’

That day, Jiang Sese returned home from work when Tiantian ran over
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Eniretha Ramosamora
The story became annoying...
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Eniretha Ramosamora
I agree with you...
goodnovel comment avatar
dear author, is there no other plot in this story? its not healthy at all. always focusing on vengance, hatred, jealousy etc. 3 jealous women plus 1 teacher. your story is very predictable. so boring now and wasting our money for paying a very long story that focused on hatred. pls finish the story

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