Chapter 487 The Culprit Must Be Found

Although Mrs. Jin was angry, she knew her son was right and she forcibly suppressed her anger.

Sese had just gone through a lot. If she knew that someone was purposely trying to harm her, she would probably feel even more scared.

"Fengyao is right. We can't panic. The most important thing right now is to look after Sese," Mrs. Jin said calmly.

Mr. Jin indicated his agreement.

The Jin Family discussed the investigation of this matter. They would give the person no chance to catch a breath.

No far away, Zifeng listened and felt a glimmer of unease.

She gritted her teeth and quietly slipped away before any of the Jin Family noticed her.

A nurse pushed Jiang Sese out, and she was still unconscious. Her eyes were tightly closed and her face was almost translucently pale.

The hospital arranged for her to stay in a four-person sickroom. Mrs. Jin was immediately unhappy with the situation.

There were too many people inside, and it was too loud. So she ordered Jin Fengyao to open a new
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