Chapter 502 Don't Mention It

After walking for a while, Jiang Sese's legs gave away and she looked at Jin Fengchen with her pleading eyes.

"Fengchen, let's take a short break. The baby is tired too."

Seeing how she was behaving like a little child, Jin Fengchen patted her head and said with a smile, "Sure. I'll bring the big baby and the small baby out for a meal. How about that?"

"Great! It's time to eat!"

As soon as she heard that they were going to have dinner, Jiang Sese instantly leaped up.

Jin Fengchen got a shock and quickly protected her from the side lest she should accidentally knock into something.

She was going to become a mother soon, yet she was still so insensible.

Before Jin Fengchen could reprimand her, Jiang Sese had already run far away.

Jin Fengchen could not help placing his hand against his forehead and hurriedly chased after her.

Jiang Sese found the nearest Chinese restaurant and excitedly walked in.

As soon as the both of them entered the restaurant, they attracted many people's
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goodnovel comment avatar
Sussie Q
Dear writer, please try to bring this story to an end. it's becoming too drawn out.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lina Ingle
can v hv more chapter's pl...the story is instresting...
goodnovel comment avatar
Raelynn Lamouche
I've quite enjoyed this story, however there's so much drama. please bring a pleasant ending and that the workings of all the evil stepsister and mother and zefieng come out and that the truth of sese being xiabaio s bio mom. the truth of then hurting sese and her mother too

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