Chapter 565 That Is Daddy

Straightening out her emotions, Jiang Sese carefully asked, "Baby, after you separated from mommy, where did you go?"

"I went to find Mommy, but I didn't find you and there were a lot of people, so I was a little scared."

The little girl used her fingers to indicate that she was only a little afraid.

Looking at her expression, Jiang Sese felt her heart twist but also found it funny.

"What about afterward? You didn't have any money, were you hungry?"

Hearing this, the little girl said, as if showing off, "Of course not. I ate a lot."

As she said this she also gestured. She opened her hands wide, indicating she ate that much.

Listening to Tiantian's words, Jiang Sese couldn't hold back and tears fell from her eyes again.

Fu Jingyun silently reached out a hand to wipe them away for her. Jiang Sese ducked away. She accepted a tissue and wiped it herself.

Unable to do anything about the mother and daughter, Fu Jingyun could only guard them silently from the side.

"You didn't have
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Melissa Harvey
why aren't they reunited yet... this makes me mad ?

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