Chapter 609 Why Did You Give Me This

Jiang Sese saw that the driver had brought him here. She bent down and asked, “Why are you here? Does your Daddy know?”

“He knows. I made a present for you, Mommy, but it’s not with me right now. Can Mommy follow me somewhere?”

Xiaobao stared at Jiang Sese with a look of anticipation. He impatiently tugged at her to bring her along.

When she heard that, Jiang Sese smiled warmly.

She reached out to touch Xiaobao’s nose tip, and said indulgently, “Thank you Xiaobao, but it’s work time now. I can’t leave.”

Xiaobao frowned slightly, and he seemed to be at a loss.

He had a thought, and smiled once more.

“Then I’ll go inside and wait. I’ll be good, I won’t cause trouble for Mommy!”

Jiang Sese could not bear to see the sparkle in his eyes go out, and she nodded in agreement. She then held his hand and led Xiaobao into the winery.

As soon as they walked in, they met with the other employees in the winery. Everybody looked at Jiang Sese leading a child back, and they all had cur
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