Chapter 616 Obviously Went To See That Man

Jin Fengchen stared daggers at Jiang Sese after he spoke.

Actually, Jin Fengchen knew that Xiaobao went over to Jiang Sese’s place today.

There were specially-assigned bodyguards to look out for Xiaobao; nothing would usually happen to him. That was why he allowed it. He wanted to see Jiang Sese’s reaction toward Xiaobao.

For Jiang Sese to send Xiaobao back here meant that Jiang Sese still could not completely let go of Xiaobao.

That was exactly what he wanted.

After taking a look at the time, Jiang Sese tactfully declined and said, “I can’t. It's already seven o'clock. If I go back any later, I'm afraid Tiantian will cry.”

As she finished speaking, she proceeded to move to leave, but Xiaobao kept tugging Jiang Sese’s clothes, looking at her with a hopeful expression.

“Mummy, don't you want to join me for dinner? You haven't had a meal with me in several days."

“This…” Looking at Xiaobao’s expression, Jiang Sese did not know how to refuse.

At this moment, Jin Fengchen took of
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