The Heart of Death
The Heart of Death
Author: Josev Quadra

Chapter 1: The Scarlet Killer

“Your job here is done, Kazuto” a manly voice whispered next to the young man. 

His scarlet eyes shine in the darkness, the bloodstained katana he holds never lost its way. The stench of death he leaves on his awakening is thick. They are in an underground tunnel, a subway train tunnel pursuing an enemy. The old bearded man behind the white-haired young man pointed toward the exasperated woman in front of them.

“Kazuto kill her” the man ordered. “Don’t let any witness escape”.

The young man with the name Kazuto nod as his scarlet eyes grow in the darkness. With a slice of his blade, he sends a wave of wind to the woman who escapes with her tail between her leg. Her head falls on the hard concrete, her body, and her head was torn apart with a swift of Kazuto’s blade.

The short young man bowed his head, paying his respect toward the fallen people he obliterated with his katana. An expression of dissatisfaction cross his mind, something within his chest pulsating painfully. The warm blood on his face reminds him that he’s merely a puppet under his so-called Father, Masaki.

He remembers faintly that he’s awakened in a tube, naked from the top to bottom with only hoses connecting his body to a machine. Kazuto didn’t remember anything other than waking up on the floor, as the water dripped from his naked body. The man who claimed himself as his father kneeled and stroked his hair out of nowhere.

“Kazuto I am your father, Masaki Toushiro” the bearded man in a suit lifted his chin. “From now on you’re my son”.

His duty as his son is quite easy, Kazuto just follows whatever Masaki orders him to do. The orders are various, whether it’s an order to kill, sexual, or something crueler. Kazuto Toushiro is Masaki’s son, or perhaps the correct term is a slave. The young man has been working under his direction for three years already.

Emptiness and voids enveloped the young man’s heart is hollow, he never feels alive. Not even when Masaki did some questionable things to him. The only one who treats him dearly is an auburn-haired woman named Mizuno. After the bloodshed mission Masaki gave him, the woman clad in white garb and glasses would always approach him.

She would ask how she’s doing and how is his mental state, to which Kazuto replied with a short sentence.

“There’s no abnormality in my organs” the white-haired young man replies.

“That’s not what I mean” Mizuno sighed. “In any case, I’m very happy to see you’re alright”.

‘Happiness she says, why would she’s happy for him?’ the question popped out in Kazuto’s mind. He’s always treated like a toy, a disposable one that could be used anytime. Masaki always refreshes himself after a mission by treating Kazuto nicely on the bed. Kazuto never understands his intention, but he accepted it anyway since it is what his father wants.

Mizuno voiced her dislikes in Masaki’s nightly activities with Kazuto, none of the staff that works under Masaki likes the view of Masaki touching his so-called son indecently. Every time Mizuno confronted it, the young man merely gives her a blank stare. As an infant, he doesn’t know any common sense and manners that are proper for society.

Mizuno urges Kazuto to shares his thoughts daily, even after a tiring mission for his health checkup. The young man follows her order without a word. After their sharing session, the man would always question his methods and the content of his mind that he shares.

“Am I sharing good things Mizuno? Is this what you asked for?”.

*  *  *

Masaki woke up the sleepy Mizuno, his pale body and albino-haired make the sun reflected on his white skin. The beautiful young man is adored by many, even the maids and the scientist who always checks him up. They would constantly flirt with him, Kazuto of course oblivious to their advances.

Masaki who is also shirtless, with only shorts poked the young man pale body in curiosity.

“Is your body hurt?” he asks.

“No” Kazuto replies short.

Kazuto’s waist is sore and he could barely stand after what happened last night. He wears his white shirt and his blue jeans; sluggish and exhausted he exited his father’s room. Mizuno welcomed him with tears on her eyes, uncertain with the woman’s quivering lips. Kazuto fixated his crimson orbs on her blue ones.

“Don’t you feel sad living like this?” the woman’s legs shivered; her lips chattered waveringly.

The word sadness crosses his mind, but not that he can truly feel the emotions of sadness itself. However, tears stroll from his eyes as Mizuno suddenly hugs him out of the blue. Kazuto silently sobs as the woman embraces made him feel whole. After they exchanged hugs, Mizuno gives him a plate of cookies.

Kazuto’s crimson eyes stare curiously toward the cookies, the gingerbread cookies look yummy and appetizing now that the scientist brought him closer toward the plate. The young man takes one cookie from the silver plate. His eyes glimmered in excitement as the sweetness of the gingerbread cookies smears in the interior of his fluffy cheeks. 

“Good, good! Eat a lot okay!?” Mizuno smiles at him. “Oh, you’ve been calling me Mizuno! Do you know my complete full name?”.

“Full name?” Kazuto licks the edges of his fingers. “What is it?”.

“It’s Ai Mizuno” Mizuno stroke his fluffy white hair. “I will be taking care of you okay Kazuto-kun?”.

Kazuto lets his head submerged into Mizuno’s soft pats, her gentle eyes and tones made the young man feel safe. Unlike when he’s with Masaki, his heart always throbs uncontrollably due to the fear of being neglected and wasted away. Masaki’s eyes are always devoid of emotions, even if he has the capability of making emotions.

“Sure” Kazuto replies flatly, unbeknownst that his father eavesdropped on their conversation from the other side of the door.

The man clenched his fist as the young man eats the gingerbread cookies savorly. Masaki feels strangely threatened by the scientist woman, sooner or later the woman will hinder the man’s true purpose to use Kazuto’s full potential as a potential assassin. 

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