Chapter 1574 I Will Not Insist

The Jin Group’s momentum was improving, its stock was rising, and its total market valuation had increased by hundreds of millions of US Dollars.

Shangguan Qian looked at the stock market, and his hatred grew stronger in his eyes.

He was very happy when the affair of the toxic materials came out this time, thinking that even if the Jin Group’s reputation was saved, it would suffer substantial losses.

However, what happened now?

Not only had the reputation recovered, but the market value had also risen.

He really did not know whether Jin Fengchen was powerful or lucky.

No matter what trouble the Jin Group encountered, he had a way to turn the tide. He was really a terrible opponent to face!

However, he was no pushover either.

The Shangguan Group and the Shan Group had started their cooperation, and they had already achieved an accord on several major projects.

The strong alliance had caused quite a stir in the whole business community.

When Shangguan Qian thought about thi
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