Chapter 574 Boss Needs Her Alive


Xiaobao came out of the bedroom after Jin Fengchen left.

He was only half-awake and was holding a fluffy toy. Watching Jin Fengchen walking away with his suitcase, Xiaobao was confused, and his soft voice could melt anyone's heart.

But Jin Fengchen didn't hear him. He marched off without looking back.

Frowning, Xiaobao came down the stairs and asked Mrs. Jin, "Grandma, where is Daddy going?"

There was an anxious look in his big eyes.

"He has to go somewhere for a few days, but he'll be back soon. Don't worry. You'll see Daddy again on the day of your uncle's engagement party."

Mrs. Jin didn't tell Xiaobao the truth. Instead, she held him in her arms and gave him a vague explanation.

The three of them all felt uneasy as they watched Jin Fengchen walk away.

They could only pray that nothing would happen to him.

In a basement in southern France, Jiang Nuannuan was curled up on the cold floor with chains around her wrists and ankles.

The basement was poorly ventilated a
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