Chapter 776 Trust You?

Jin Fengchen’s heavy breathing filled her ear. Holding him up, Jiang Sese looked clearly strained.

However, she still called out Jin Fengchen’s name.

Jin Fengchen’s head was heavy, and his vision was growing more and more blurry. Only Jiang Sese’s worried voice dimly entered his ears.

“I’ve been drugged.”

He forced himself to squeeze the words out of his throat.

He wanted to let Jiang Sese know not to worry, that he would be fine after a little rest.

However, the effects of the sedative took control. He could no longer say anything as he passed out.

When Jiang Sese heard that he was ‘drugged’, she was stunned.

What that woman wanted to do after drugging him, she knew could tell, even if nobody told her…

Remembering that Fu Jingyun was a doctor, she called out to him to help in a panic. “Fu Jingyun, what do we do? That woman sedated Jin Fengchen. What do we do? Will he be alright?”

Jiang Sese’s voice was trembling slightly, and her worry was only an eyesore to Fu Jin
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Estelle Britz Niem
i am literally skippi g chapters to get to a better ending in the hope that it will be the end.
goodnovel comment avatar
Estelle Britz Niem
This story is being dragged out and is starting to be as boring as ... get to the END and the family's happy endind and stop sucking us dry for coins.

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