Chapter 11: The Complicated Quest

It was strange to see the homunculus sleeping in his residence. A peculiar feeling occupies the informant's mind as he sees the young man lying on the sofa, sleeping with tuna sushi still inside his mouth. Cain can’t help but feel rather disappointed with the homunculus, he was expecting a smarter being, a Godlike human who can use the bestowed power cleverly.

However, Kazuto was far from smart, he’s a clueless boy who knows nothing about the evilness in the world. Cain was expecting someone who is orderly, cunning, and evil to the core. He investigated the young man after all, who he truly is. A homunculus that had the soul of Izanami, the Goddess of Death.

Cain touches Kazuto’s cheek, pinching his flesh to wake him up. He wants to tell him to go to his spare bedroom, but the young man is too sleepy to wake up. Cain carries him to his bed, of course cleaning his messy clothes beforehand. The informant dislikes untidiness in his residence, no caps. 

When he lays the young man on the bed, suddenly the young man's eyes open. Cain backs off from him, he can sense something off about Kazuto. His eyes shine brightly in crimson, he sits on the side of the bed while munching the tuna sushi remains in his mouth. His voice changed into somewhat more feminine.

“Are you the boy who disturb my sleep? I don’t think you know who you’re dealing with boy” Kazuto speaks arrogantly to Cain, licking the side of his lips. “I know that you’re like the rest of those ugly humans, Professor is the only one who acts nobly for a puny human”.

“Who are you?” Cain asks the foreigner before him. “You’re not Kazuto”.

The person doesn’t answer his question, he merely smirks and closes his eyes under the cover. He left Cain alone, making the informant question Kazuto’s value. Cain is certain that the person must be Kazuto’s alter, or perhaps Izanami Herself. There’s much more to learn about Izanami, the Goddess of Death.

Having the power of Izanami under his palm would surely be fun. He wants to have that power to control whatever he can control. However, he has yet to know the true potential of Kazuto’s power. It would be a waste to return him to the psycho father. Cain grins satisfyingly as he gets out of the room.

“What an interesting toy, hopefully, he can entertain me” he grins.

*    *    *

In the morning…

Shinzou returns to the apartment complex, he knocks on the door but no one answers. He even calls Kazuto’s name. The painter waits for a bit, around fifteen minutes. However, no one comes to respond. Shinzou opens the door, revealing an empty room with no one inside the apartment. Shinzou’s jaw dropped, and he walks inside to check up on him.

His fear was proven to be true, with no sign of Kazuto being in that house. Shinzou panicked and exited the house. Calling Kazuto’s name over and over, the man remembers his duty to take care of him. Professor Mizuno assigns him under his care, but here he is losing him. Shinzou goes to the empty streets, looking for the scrawny man.

“Kazuto! Are you there!?” Shinzou calls his name repetitively. “Kazuto! Please answer me!”.

It was no use, he can’t find him around the neighborhood. 

“Oh no! Not this! I don’t want to lose her trust!” Shinzou bites his nail. “Where is he?”.

The only thing that comes to his mind is the police station, he needs to go there as soon as possible to report a missing person. Shinzou walks heavily to the police station in regret, he still had a bowl of chicken nuggets in his right hand. He wants to apologize to him, but Kazuto was long gone.

*    *    *

In the Informant residence…

“I see, an interesting development I say” the informant is calling someone with a painted smirk. “The professor's son is looking for him, no doubt he must have felt guilty for that”.

“You love seeing other people suffering, huh?” Shu sighs at the other end of the phone. “I saw him walking to the police station, he’s going to report it to the police”.

The smirk from his face was immediately gone, replaced with an irritated smile. Shinzou wasn’t supposed to be there, he wouldn’t think Shinzou would be caring for him. The painter only cares for himself ever since his mother left him to an uncaring father. Professor Mizuno was the only one who is kind to him.

The divorce scarred him for life, making him quite distant from the professor. 

“Human emotions are complicated and contradictory it seems” Cain growls. “Why must he be this way? Getting in my way”.

Cain dresses himself to go outside, meeting the painter to clear the situation. It was easy for him to manipulate others, so it wouldn’t be that hard to manipulate the painter as well. His feelings and heart are fragile and easy to crack. 

“I’m hungry” the sleepy voice suddenly surprised the informant. 

A hand escapes from the door gap, there he sees the homunculus awake from his slumber. He doesn’t seem to remember what happened last night. Kazuto walks sleazily to the couch, seemingly in trance. 

“I want another tuna sushi Mr. Lockhart” he smiles happily. “Can we get another one?”.

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