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“I arrived, I saw, I conquered.” ~~~~ Italian proverb. A dangerous and ruthless man who wants nothing but to dominate the world. He always got what he wanted and destroyed everything that became an obstacle in his way...... But what happens when a girl nearly half of his age arrives in his life and changed his every belief and made him her man..... here comes a twist, what happen if it's a forbidden explicit relationship rather than a normal one....... will any girl in their right mind try to be a mistress of a dangerous criminal and that too without much remorse..... will he keep her or let her go like the others or give chance to his enemies to destroy him and his empire......... There are a tales of secrets which is gonna unfold in this book..... so stay tuned...... (Note:- This is the book 1. There will be another book to complete Dimitri's story.....)

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VALENTINA POVToronto, Ontario; I met THE DEVIL the morning after my eighteenth birthday. Hungover and tired, I rolled over in bed, where my toes brushed against warm skin and crisp body hair. A friend of mine held a graduation party last night at her pool and my boyfriend, David, slept over after. We usually hooked up at his apartment, but I was too drunk last night and insisted on coming here.It hadn’t been easy sneaking him into the house under the watchful gaze of the cameras monitored by Papà’s men, but I was a pro. I’d been outsmarting the guards and the cameras for years now. The one thing the guards loved? Routine. Once you learned the routine, you could get around it and do whatever you wanted. Papà was the head of one of the seven families of the ’Ndrangheta in Toronto, a criminal network that stretched from Canada to South America to Italy. My father’s business was dangerous, so my two sisters and I weren’t raised as typical teenagers. Wherever we went, we were trailed
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VALENTINA POVNormally he relished my unhappiness. One of Morreti ’s men entered and leaned down to speak in his ear. The edge of Morreti ’s mouth curled as he listened, then he waved the man away. Returning his attention to my father, he said, “No, The wedding will take place at my home in Siderno, where Dimitri resides. We'll leave tomorrow.”Dimitri ? And wait, Siderno? As in Italy? What the fuck was happening? Lines deepened on my father’s forehead. “But what about me and my family? We have a right to…..”Stiffening, Morreti glared at my father, and the mood in the room went arctic. “Be very, very careful, Roberto,” he said softly. “You lost your rights when you lost my shipment.”Yikes; No one moved and the moment stretched. I’d never seen anyone put my father in his place before. No one had ever dared. I held my breath until my father finally put up his hands. “Mi ,” he apologized. This appeared to appease Morreti , but I still had no idea what they were talking about. “Will
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VINCENZO POVThe car turned into the warehouse lot. The place hadn’t been used in years by the looks of it, which was perfect for this errand. When the wheels stopped, I opened the door of the rented car and stepped out. Marco got out and unlocked the trunk.The boy was yanked out and thrown onto the ground, where he crumpled in a pile of limbs covered in cheap clothing. My men caught the stronzo crawling out of her bedroom window this morning. I stared at him, wanting to see what she saw. Why would a woman as beautiful as Has Valentina Romano ever wasted her time on such a pathetic and ordinary creature like this?She was glorious. The rumours of her looks weren’t exaggerated. All three Romano daughters were said to resemble their mother. Sofia Romano had been a famous model before marrying Roberto, I remember jerking off to her photos as a teenage boy and Valentina was the spitting image of her mother, except with bigger tits.Dio, how I would love to fuck those tits. Stop, She’s m
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Valentina povLater that afternoon, I threw my makeup bag into a satchel. I couldn’t bring much when I ran, but I would take my very favourite things, like the Mama earrings Mama left me. A photo of me, Gia and Rebecca at CN Tower. The leggings that fit my legs and ass perfectly. And, of course, my passport and money. “This is a bad idea,” my sister, Rebecca, said. “How are you going to live?”“Forget about that, how is she going to escape Papà and the guards?” Gia turned the page in her magazine, barely paying attention. “You’ll never even reach the street, Tina .”“Yes, I will.” Two years ago, I discovered the cameras didn’t cover one sliver of the stone wall surrounding our house, so I chipped footholds into the stone, which allowed me to come and go as often as I dared. It was how I snuck out to lose my virginity to David last November.My sisters didn’t know this, however. That escape route was too dangerous for anyone but me. Gia made a noise in her throat like she didn’t beli
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Valentina POVThe dream wouldn’t let go. As I struggled to wake up, my brain felt as if it was swimming through molasses, sticky and thick. Where was I? I heard murmurs and a rumbling underneath me. Was I in a car? My body felt heavy and my limbs were cement. I couldn’t seem to open my eyes.What was my problem?Then I remembered. The wall, Morreti , the needle. Shit! He drugged me. That asshole. I concentrated on my breathing and willed the drugs out of my system. I needed to fight whatever was happening to me. “Good. You are awake.” I would have started if I’d been capable of moving my limbs. Was he spying on me while I slept? Just my luck to get kidnapped by a murderer and a creeper. Great, I was on a mattress, the sheets crisp and cool beneath me. “,” I forced out. “And...drugged me.” Large fingers brushed the hair off my face. “I retrieved my son’s fiancée by any means necessary. Let that be a warning to you.” A tiny shiver went through me. None of this ma
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VINCENZO POVI heard the bedroom door open and my body went on alert. I didn’t want to admit it, but I had been listening for any sound of her back there. Eager, like a schoolboy. I shook my head, disgusted with myself. Even if I weren’t too old for her, she was engaged to my son. I needed to pull my head out of my ass.All my men turned to watch as she picked her way to an empty seat, her tits bouncing with each step. Long legs and shapely hips, with waves of blond hair that reached down her back, and a face that could make angels weep. DIO, SHE WAS HOT.When I looked away, I found Marco smirking at me. Had he read me so easily? When my father died and I became the CAPO ten years ago, I appointed my cousin my right-hand. In fact, there was no one I trusted more. We’d grown up together, killed together, and risen through the ’ndrina ranks together. But that didn’t mean he had the right to smirk at me. “You have something to say to your capo?” I asked him. He didn’t appear chastised
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VINCENZO POVShe swallowed and focused on the scenery. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at my home, Castello di Morreti (Castle of Morreti's). I loved every bit of the estate the olive groves, vineyards, farmland and pasture but I couldn’t appreciate any of it at the moment And this only increased my fury. When the car stopped in front of the stone entry, I didn’t move. “Leave us,” I told Marco and my driver. The doors closed and Valentina jumped, a frightened little rabbit. I angled toward her slightly. “Do you know my favourite part of owning a castle?”“No,” she said, her voice breaking.“Not even a guess?”“The turrets?” Smirking, I got out and came around to her side. Once I pulled her from the car, I leaned down. “My favourite part of this castle is the DUNGEON.” She gasped. My patience thinned, I didn’t give her a chance to run. Instead, I hauled her over my shoulder and started walking toward the back entrance that led below ground. She instantly began thrashing, her legs
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VALENTINA POVThe implications was clear that Vincenzo Morreti was no stranger to cruelty. That he would gladly use a person’s weakness against them. Jesus, What a prize. Before I could comment, we entered the castle. A small room led into a kitchen, which was surprisingly modern for a place with an actual dungeon. “I’ll have Zia bring up hot tea,” Dimitri said as he continued into the house. “That’s my aunt. She lives with us and does most of the cooking.” Calming down, I began to look around curious about this different type of prison. The contrast with the dungeon was startling. What I could see was light and airy with gleaming wood accents and light plaster walls.Huge oval windows were framed with tasteful draperies and tile covered the floor. It was even nicer than our home in Toronto. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any security cameras. That was the information I stored away for future use. “This is my wing of the house,” Dimitri said. “My father stays on the other side.” Tha
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VALENTINA POVLight filtered into the room, streaks of blinding sunshine that roused me from a fitful sleep. I could barely bring myself to open my eyes. All night I had tossed and turned, convinced myself that the lock on my door would mean nothing to anyone who wanted to enter. Namely, someone with bright blue eyes and a nasty disposition who liked to kidnap and drug young women. The only way I’d been able to relax was knowing Dimitri slept a few doors away. I rolled onto my back and studied the plaster ceiling. If I were going to find a way out of this, I couldn’t stay in bed or hide in this room. I had to get out and explore, look for weaknesses. Try to come up with a plan to escape. Even if Dimitri had resigned himself to this marriage, I certainly hadn’t.Thankfully, the bathroom had been stocked with every toiletry I might possibly need, mostly high-end Italian brands we couldn’t get in Canada. The closet and wardrobe were full of clothes, from yoga pants to designer dresses
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Valentina POVOur last stop was the vineyard, where vines stretched as far as the eye could see. The estate grew Gaglioppo and Greco bianco grapes, which they blended to make red and rosé wines. They also made nigredo, a grappa flavoured with licorice and I quickly discovered this was my very favourite thing on earth from now on.“Easy, signorina ( miss),” Vincenzo, the vintner, said as I took another swallow. “The Morreti grappa is to be sipped.”“Canadians are quickly becoming like Americans,” Dimitri teased, mimicking someone guzzling a drink. “More, more, more.”“Stop dragging Canadians,” I told him as I shoved his shoulder. “We are nicer than Italians.” Vincenzo chuckled, but shook his head. “You will not like how it tastes coming back up, signorina.” I waved that comment away. “I never throw up after drinking. We Romanos are made of sterner stuff.”Vincenzo and Dimitri exchanged an amused look. “No doubt you are, bella,” Dimitri said and held up the bottle. “Would you like ano
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