Chapter 292

After hearing what she said, Tang Ruochu burst out laughing. "Given Lin Hai's shamelessness, he doesn't think that his life is embarrassing. On the contrary, he probably thinks that after God closes a door for him, he'll open a window."

"Eh?" Song Anyi frowned. "What do you mean?"

Tang Ruochu smiled slightly. "A dog will always eat sh*t."

"Damn! He's really not afraid of dying."

At that instant, Song Anyi felt that the people who had attacked him should have just killed him right away. That would prevent him from hurting other girls.

Tang Ruochu smiled. She saw Li Na coming from the corner of her eye and quickly said to Song Anyi, "Okay, let's not talk about this anymore. Get back to work, Manager is coming."

Song Anyi turned around to look. At that moment, Li Na was already getting near. She quickly stood up and shouted, "Manager."

Li Na was still very strict, but there seemed to be a subtle smile on her lips. She nodded at Song Anyi gently, "Hum."

Song Anyi glanced at Tang Ru
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Joan Rose
Let nature take its course hahaha ok this time you’ll definitely gonna get raped and hurt Rouchu
goodnovel comment avatar
Joan Rose
Pffft here she goes again getting careless and will put herself in danger again and again and again. Am starting to hate this character

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