Alpha Liam & Luna Clara

Alpha Liam & Luna Clara

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When Liam, a young respected alpha of his pack is mated to a human, he finds he is unable to control his urges and plays along to them. Months later he manages to open up to her but she pushed him away. Now she is in trouble and her best friend, also a werewolf has no one else to turn to but Liam.

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    Ever since Alpha Liam was named an Alpha he has been and is still is a wonderful Alpha. He takes very good care of his family and protects his pack from dangers either within the camp or out with. He has gone out of line to vanquish any threats from opposers who want to implement chaos in his little town. He does that and much more for them and that's why those who made up his pack value him so much. They even go as far as boasting to neighboring towns that their alpha loves them unimaginably and if they dare hurt them they will have to deal with him, which is the truth.Every day the omegas train with some wolves who want to serve their new and worthy Alpha, and since it consists of younglings they need to raise an army out of these for whatever may come up in the future.So the sentinels (guards) which consist of some older men go to the border to guard until they finish their training to replace them there.Ever since he lost his parents in the cold hands of death, Alpha Liam was l
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    "Clara, Clara... Where the heck is this girl?" the voice shouted again, and this time an eighteen-year-old ran towards the dining table."Yes mum, am here, you called for me?""Oh really? I thought you had forgotten your name young lady""I am sorry mum I didn't mean to ignore your calls, it's just that I was wearing some ear pods earlier that's why I couldn't hear you call for...""Save your breath I am in no mood to hear you whine just shut it, and take your sit it's time for dinner""Hi dad, how are you feeling today?" Clara asked the man sitting at the dining tableA quite sick older man in his sixties with a trembling voice said"I am hungry, let's eat" totally ignoring her questions.So after eating, Clara went to the sink to do the dishes, she climbed the staircase and was about to head to her room, when her Mom's voice came again. This time harshly."Where do you think you are going, young lady? You better get down here and clean the entire house.""But mom, I
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    'What will I wear for this outing tonight? What about my hairstyle, what will go with whatever dressing I later find?'Thoughts like these clouded Clara's thoughts.She couldn't sleep since Gabe left this morning by 3:00 AMAll she could think about was the party Gabe promised to take her to tonight.She was scattering her room looking for a perfect outfit for the party.She is just 18 but she loves dressing herself up, she needed to look good afterall."Clara... Clara..." her mom's voice calling for her again. She quickly heads down to find out what's happening"Mom, what is it? It's just 6:30 AM.""Exactly, it is and what were you still doing in your room?""I was just...""Whatever, make breakfast for the family, you know Olivia would be going to school today for some extracurricular activities, so make sure we all eat this morning, and there are people who have places to be this morning unlike a certain someone""But mom, I am tired. Why can't anyone else do the chores?""You dare
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    It was 6:30 PM Gabe took his bath, he couldn't wait for the party tonight. After two good years spent on excessive training, this was the only party he would be attending for a long time.And this time he won't be attending alone, he will be going with his best and only childhood friend.He drove his car and went to the Cooper's to pick her up. He knocked on the front door as promised, and Olivia opened up and saw him, because of last night's encounter it wasn't a new sight for her to behold. So she opened the door and Gabe entered. He just dropped a bag of chocolate on the desk and ran up to Clara's room.He knocked on the door, no response from her end."Clara... Clara, it's me Gabe" he kept knocking.Clara woke up due to the noise and went to open the door looking unkempt.Her hair was messy, her face portrayed a sleepy one."Oh no I slept off, what is the time? I hope we aren't late.""Come on the party is just two towns away from here. It may take us at least 2 hours and 30 minu
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    Alpha Liam was feeling stuffed, after rigorous training with the members of his pack he needed some fun.He called on Eric through mind linking because in his town only wolves reside there so rather than use the gadgets of the modern world out there, they resort to their ancient ways. The Alpha line before his family made a huge mistake, they used gadgets that exposed their existence to humans at the time and that led to their extinction. So the following Alphas from that day onwards turned to their ancient ways. So rather than use gadgets like phones, computers, trackers, and the like, they tend to turn to their ancestral ways. Which was mind linking and howling loudly, sniffing for tracking, and so on.Eric walked in immediately after his Alpha called him."Yes Alpha what is it you want me to do for you?""I want you to take me somewhere fun, I feel stuffed in here""Whoa, I was beginning to think you lost your party sense, ever since you were made Alpha, it's good that you have g
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    'How do I come up with that huge amount of money in such a short time? I can't let him die from this. Who can I go to for help that wouldn't mock me? My friends have all distanced themselves from me just because my husband lost his job 7 months ago. All because I will no longer have any promising source of funds that I would splash on them. Anyways by hook or by crook I will get that money no matter what.But then again I can't even sell our car. What do I do to get out of this?' Thoughts like this filled Mrs. Cooper's head as soon as she woke up to see her husband beside her barely clinging on to life all because they were out of funds.She just needed to do something drastically else she would be a widow before she turns 45 which is something she doesn't want. Her so-called friends and fellow women will mock her even more. She just couldn't get her finger around it. So she stood up from the bed and walked into the bathroom with hopes that something would click and lead her to a hug
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    "Hey, Gabe" Clara stood up and hugged him unknown to her that this move she made is affecting Liam negatively and in a very bad way. So he had to control his impulses else he would have been exposed as a beast thus ruining his chances with Clara."Gabe, this is my new friend Liam, Liam this is my childhood friend Gabe"Gabe stretched his hands for a handshake and Liam took it reluctantly. "Nice to meet you, Liam""Same here Gabe," Liam said with gritted teeth."Okay why don't we walk back it's getting pretty late," Gabe said signaling to Clara that they should head home. He wasn't comfortable with this Liam of a guy."Okay then, Liam it's nice meeting you" "Same here Clara""Liam where do you stay?" Clara asked "Oh with a friend just downtown. I will invite you over someday""Would love that, I live down the street you can come to visit anytime, okay?""Okay, it's getting really late for a beautiful lady like yourself to be out here in the dark, why don't I escort you back home?" L
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    After a week, Liam decided to go visit Clara again. And with the help of his beta, he purchased a cell phone so that he would be able to communicate secretly with her if he ever gets the chance of having her contact. Yes he was the Alpha of the pack he could decide to use modern technologies, but he had to follow the rules, that's why he has to be able to contact her until he claims her then he will follow his ancestral ways and rules. Because those rules were made to keep them safe from the outside world and it's his job to abide by them. It was because of this new development, he had to bend it a little to get his Luna."Eric, what else should I take along to visit her?""Get her a basket of fruits and some flowers, ladies really like that""Okay thanks""Also her parents can be a hindrance so when you get in there you drop the basket for them, and give her a piece of jewelry and the rose instead so she can keep it for herself. If she wears it immediately she values you, if she does
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    How do I raise this money for Caleb's treatment? What can I do to make this happen? Where do I go now? My family is becoming a laughing stock, my son Xander isn't making things any easier for me. All he does is gamble away the little money we have left. How do I bring back the Coopers lost glory? If I should go apply for a loan, what do I use for collateral? I can't lose this house, it is the only thing we have to remind us of how wealthy we used to be. So I can't give it up even if I die. Hmm, what can I put up for sale that won't affect our lives drastically? What do I do to stop this humiliation that I can't even pay for my husband's hospital bills? Something must be done very soon.Hmm I think I have an idea "Caleb honey, you will be cured of your illness soon enough, I assure you," Clarissa said reassuringly to her husband who was lying down."How do you plan to raise such a huge amount of money, Clarissa?""I may have an idea one that would put a smile on your face. But I have
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    "I want to make a proposition of some kind (sale). How much would it cost?""Depending on the merchandise, if it is worth looking at then it may cost more than the normal price.""Wow, I believe I have very valuable merchandise, I will bring it to you soon.""Any picture of how it looks like so I take the sample to my master if he doesn't like it, then the money paid will be a lot lower than normal""Yeah, I have a portrait of this valuable merchandise on my phone" She brought out her phone and showed it to the merchant."Wow!! It's really beautiful, but am not my master so I will have to show it to him first before making a decision""No problem, I have a hard copy of it right here""Good you can leave now, hopefully, you will hear from me soon""But I don't have your contact. How would you reach me?""I have my ways""Okay thank you, really hoping you contact me soon. Thank you, sir, bye""Alpha, it's me."A strange and bold voice spoke from the other end. "What do you want, Omega
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