Chapter 70

Bree stumbles back, also drunk, and Harlow grasps her wrists before she falls back onto the table, both of them in fits of giggles with the other girls they were with. They must be Bree's friends because we all knew other than Bree, Harlow had none. Probably because she was a fucking liar.

Climbing the few steps that led to the booth, a furious growl tears out of me, and they all go quiet. Bree jumps in fright, and Harlow rolls her eyes at me.

"And that would be the fun police here to drag me away!" she snarls, leaning heavily against the girl beside her as she slurs her words. I reach out to grab her wrist, and she growls at me, jerking her wrist out of my grip. I glanced around at the other girls, who all stared at her with worry.

"She is fine, Thane. I will make sure she gets home okay," Bree slurs her words. I shake my head.

"Harlow, get up!" I snap at her. She giggles, and Rhen comes up behind me. "Bree!" he spits through gritted teeth. My eyes run the length of Harlow, and sh
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goodnovel comment avatar
Hope that doesn’t affect the pregnancy. He’s so brutal with her!!
goodnovel comment avatar
What an asshole! He buys her online, treats her like crap, says he wants to kill her. Jeez, I wonder why she hates him.
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Emily von Pfahl
Thane is terrible.

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