The Christmas love Tale

The Christmas love Tale

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Language: English
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May Weatherfield needed a job during the Christmas holiday and opted for the next available offer. What she didn’t expect was to meet a sexy, rich billionaire prince who happens to be her ex boyfriend. Even though they both can’t keep their hands off each other, they don’t hesitate to show how much they hated each other at every chance they get. Do you think the Christmas miracle is enough to make this to forgive each other and move on from the past?

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26 chapters
A stranger in Town
May’s POV🎶 We wish you a merry Christmas, 

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Joyeux Noel
May’s POV “Groom? Excuse me? Did you just say Groom?” I asked Bella as she opened the door to a room wide enough for me to enter. <
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Her Name
May’s POV  “What’s your name and what do you do, my darling?” The Queen asked.  

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Creek Castle
May’s POV  By the time I woke up the next morning, the bed was empty. Nicholas was nowhere to be found and I was grateful about that. 
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A deal
Nicholas’ POV  “You will continue staying here for as long as necessary until the Queen returns back to our country without saying a word to her
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Lost Puppy
May’s POV  As I stepped out of the house, a cool breeze on a skin, I realized I just made the most stupid and irrational decision anybody in the world
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Body Language
May’s POV  I did return to my senses after I woke up but the way my head was pounding almost made me wish my senses were still altered. Read more
Back out
May’s POV  Taking a quick Read more
Christmas Dreams
May’s POV  “I hate you Aslam. I fucking hate you. It was better when you were dead to me rather than show your face right now. You know what? I
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Greek god
May’s POV  After having a quick and better shower, I put on a blue dress with a white sneakers and went downstairs for breakfast. 
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