Chapter Forty

Feeling the burn at my feet was unbareable but the moment that strong voice echoed throughout all the fear that surrounded the pack, I opened my eyes and watch them divide making a path. Looking down, I see Anne stride towards me standing tall and strong. She walked with pride even though she was twelve and even though she was not whole.

I shake my head but the next thing I know, I am thrown from the fire and land face first into the ground below me. Rolling over, Eli rushes to free me from the chains that held me and as I watch the guard rush towards Anne, I force myself to my feet ignoring all the pain I feel.

The burn spread through the bottoms of my feet and up my legs the faster I walked but I need to protect her. Jack yelled from behind me but I ignored him as I stood in front of her facing the fuming guard.

"You little girl did no such thing!" His face was filled with hate and disgust as he watched me stand my ground in front of her standing tall. "I don'

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