Chapter 36

Two Days Later.

Aleera POV

Darius was still refusing to let me mark him which made me suspicious after what my mother said. Yet if I couldn’t trust my mates I couldn’t trust anyone, but it should be the same with him. I stopped bleeding yesterday and each passing second my shredding grew closer, and my temperature grew hotter as power surged and died down in my veins as I stepped into the bedroom with Darius after showering and fighting with him in hushed voices. Tobias and Lycus wander into the bathroom behind me and shut the door lost in some discussion.

I knew there was no point in telling the others. One I didn’t want to upset Tobias, secondly that would not earn me Darius’ trust by snitching on him to our mates.

I glared at this stubborn, beautiful, ignorant man. My rage grew like a match that was lit and quickly grew out of control. It became a ball of rage. It zipped through my veins, burning me from the inside out but it felt good. The pain was exquisite and I gloried in it.
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Fariba Kashef
for a gay guy Kalen gets the most action during her shreds. haha!

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